What's That Mean?

Is it a fiction category? Or is it a genre? What does YA mean?

Dan Dooley

10/12/20221 min lire

We learn. We learn. Every day we learn something new. Well, almost every day. I'm sure that some days pass and I learn nothing that day. Could it be?

When I became a part of a particular book writing platform, I learned a few new phrases and and some new terminology. Some of the concepts I knew well from exposure over many decades, but sometimes there come along different words to say the same thing.

I discovered a new category of writing known by the initials "YA." It took me a piece of time to discover that meant Young Adult. At least I think that is what it means.I know what it means to be a Young Adult. I was once one myself. And I don't believe they will accept the phrase "young at heart" as qualifying as YA.

So here we have this book category known as YA and something makes me think that it, as it's used is something new.

Perhaps someone will correct me for my old man thinking what Young Adult really means. Surely, the stories are about people who are young. But adult. Not teens, you know. And not middle aged.

To qualify as YA fiction, I'm sure the characters must, at least leading characters must be in that age range. Young adults. And perhaps the stories emphasize on subject matter which young adults can more easily relate to. Surely not the memoirs of a retired couple traveling the country in their RV. Surely not.

Or does it mean that the author is in his our her early adult years. Do YA category readers understand that Dickens was in his early years when he penned most of his classics. And what about Poe?

Can a more seasoned writer pen something which readers would label as YA?

I'm just wondering. That's all.