Dan Dooley grew up in St. Louis. After a term in the United States Army, he settled in the Chicago area where he married and began raising his family. There he began his career in the medical electronics field, and obtained his education in business management. A job move led them to Texas in 1979.

Dan lives with his wife Patsy in Paragould, Arkansas. Dan and Patsy were both widowed and they came to meet each other through a local widows and widowers connection group. They very soon knew that they were meant to be a couple together, and they were married within a few months of their meeting. Their experiences in widowhood and interacting with the widowed community greatly inspired the writing of these books.

His interest in fiction writing extends back to his childhood years, but career considerations, and just generally life, pushed the opportunity to write fiction into the background. Years of writing technical material, including user and service manuals, as well as other related documents within the scope of his job positions, also tended to stifle the creative flow.

Now retired and beginning a new life with Patsy, and with their involvement within the widowed community his interest in writing has gained new life. He stresses that Patsy is his muse and his inspiration and the proof is in the finishing and publishing these books.

Between them, Dan and Patsy have four sons and ten grandchildren. They love to travel and have recently entered the world of RVing, and their goal is to see as much of this country as they can pulling their travel trailer. They both enjoy outdoors activities and they have a very active church life. Of course family and friends are important elements to their life.

Wedding photo of Dan Dooley and Patsy New Dooley on their wedding day.
Wedding photo of Dan Dooley and Patsy New Dooley on their wedding day.

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